Daniela – Testimony of a Former Mormon

My name is Daniela Rojas and I grew up in the Mormon faith. My dad held multiple positions in the church. My mom was one of the leaders for the woman and I think she was preparing a lesson and she was reading through just the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price and noticed that there were some things that just to her didn’t make sense. She finally decided after two years of what she calls “research”, she said “I have something to tell you. Your father and I have decided that we just can’t attend this church anymore.” I remember just being really confused and really heartbroken. I didn’t want to deal with it so I when I was 18, I moved out and I thought I don’t want to put myself through anything like this again. I don’t know what the truth is and I thought I don’t want to know anything else so I just rejected everything. My mom decided she didn’t want to lose her faith and she just wanted to search for the love of Jesus so she started to go to church she prayed for me for five years. Fr five years she prayed for me every day, every night. What happened was really amazing. I was invited to come to church by a friend. I was scared because I had never been to anything like it and I just had so many questions. I went with my friend and my friend took me to one of the men that we’re praying in the front and I said I just really need some prayer for for clarity because I’m just so confused. And he just prayed the most sincere prayer. It literally felt like some veil had been removed and I felt so good for my heart to be softened and I have discovered this amazing thing called grace. I just thought “Is that it? That’s it? All I have to do is just accept Jesus and if anything I’ve done, he’s already died for my sins.” It’s such a love-filled thing that he gave us and it’s so different from how I felt before. Being LDS, I always felt like I had to live up to certain standards to be accepted by this God that I didn’t really know but I knew that it was someone that I had to do certain things for. If I didn’t do all of these certain things that led me to God, then I couldn’t be loved by him. That made me honestly be farther apart from God because I would feel so guilty and now I’m just so transformed to where I actually want to do those things. I sincerely want to serve. I want to show him that I love him, that I’m so grateful for him. I want to love him instead of feeling a need to. It’s me wanting to. It’s so liberating. It’s the best thing ever.