Former BYU Professor Testimony of Finding Jesus

Michael got off that plane. We just couldn’t imagine that he really had the spirit of the devil in him. They also told us that and insinuated that he was an anti-Christ and then asked us to bring him in front of the High Council the next morning and Mormonism, that would have meant, had he professed the biblical Jesus, he would have been excommunicated from the Mormon Church. Mike and I were thoroughly confused about what was going on and within a couple of days we put him on a plane and got him out of Utah. Our lives were completely in turmoil. We still had kids in Mormonism. Now we’ve got a Christian son. I don’t know if God has to do it with everyone but he had to take me so low, stripped me of everything, humbled me and took me facedown. Michael said to us before he got on the plane “Mom and dad, please read the New Testament.” I think he knew that there was such power from the spirit in the word. And Mike and I began to sit up nights in bed reading the New Testament. The very first thing I read was John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Jesus was God from the beginning? He can’t have worked his way to God. Either he worked his way to God or he was. And all of a sudden, God just opened my eyes to the fact that this gospel that Jesus himself taught was not the gospel of Mormonism. And after 10 months of just being consumed by the word, just wanting and hungering for this Jesus of the Bible, the one that came down and dwelt among us, the one who fulfilled the law, the one whose love never fails, there was a moment I read in John 6:44. It said “No one comes to me unless the father who sent me draws him.” and I knew I was being drawn to Jesus. And then I read John 5:24 which says “Very truly I tell you. Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.” And there was a point in time when I have had enough of myself and I had no idea what Jesus was doing with our lives but I laid face down and I surrendered the rest of my life to the God of the Bible. He began to show himself as being really large. My husband who’s at the camera back there was a few months behind me. The next year I left BYU on a leave of absence. God supernaturally arranged another job and it has been quite a journey trying to get extricated from all those years of teachings that weren’t true and get enough, get washed by the water of the word so that I could feel solid again. I started to feel solid about two years ago and then God did the most amazing thing. Zondervan, the Christian publisher, actually asked me to write the story from my point of view and it has the testimonies of all the band and myself in it, talks about the turmoil and how difficult it is and what our lives were like in Mormonism. We’re already hearing from people that are coming to know Jesus by this book. It’s called Unveiling Grace. It’s only been out about three weeks and Amazon was out in two and a half days and God has just continued to open doors. We were on 700 club and you know my life has just completely changed and it is a result of picking up your cross and following Jesus, which we are all asked to do. We give him all the glory in his name.